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Empire? WordPress? I’m under siege

Star Wars Opening CrawlFor reasons unbeknownst to me the design of my blog changed and cannot be changed back to my custom design. (There you go, things always change only after complaining a lot. The rest of the post holds still true though) This is how humans treat me. Just when I thought I had mastered this whole business of blogging…, failure is always just one step ahead. This simpler, darker, greener design is not all bad but it’s a matter of principles, is it not? Well, maybe it isn’t…

Anyway, my human neglected me once more and gathered some more of her species to play a board game without me. the outcome was as expected: they lost. The empire of the Dark Lord won, as is usually the case, or else he would not deserve the title. Makes sense, does it not? To be fair (I hate myself for even saying so) they fought hard and heroic. Read the report of the battle here.