Orc on a Mystery train

Mystery ExpressYou know, sometimes my human makes me wonder. Oh, alright, not only sometimes. But in this case it just showed how little she knows me. As if I cared who murdered the passenger as long as I got to loot the luggage? Of course, that’s not what I expected when I boarded the train. Here’s what happened.

Thrakbog goes to Hollywood. Or maybe not.

Sounds like a musical, actually.Thrakbog goes to Hollywood

Now I have a picture in my head of a row of dancing orcs in tutus, smiling brightly as they sing a happy tune. I got to throw up any second now. Here’s what caused this odd string of thoughts (and I use the word ‘thoughts’ quite loosely): Continue reading Thrakbog goes to Hollywood. Or maybe not.

OMG it is the kraken!

The submarine Red November
Thrakbog boarding the submarine

For reasons I cannot begin to understand my human sent me on board of an experimental gnomish submarine. Yep, you read correctly. One orc with an unknown number of gnomes in a submarine powered by some atomic device nobody really knows how to handle. (Well, certainly I don’t).
OMG It is indeed the kraken