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In the jungle, the quiet jungle

Once in a while my human indulges me and sends me off to an adventure. So where am I going this time?

Deep into the jungle of Guatemala.

Guatemala? Is that near London?

Not quite. But close enough by orc standards.
Anyway, hidden deep inside this Guatemalan jungle you will find an ancient temple of the Mayan God Chac.

Chac? That sounds rather orcish. I like it. What’s his domain?

Rain.Entrance to the temple

Oh dear. Still, I’m going.

Good. Here you are, right at the entrance. The door closes behind you. Thank goodness, orcs have darkvision.

Orcs are superior, I always told you that. Now, what is that? A large room with carved pictures all over it.

the main room with carved motivesRight. If you look very closely, you will also recognize a lot of fine powder on the ground.

What is it?

Finely ground bones.

Never mind. There are other goodies. Treasure! Loot! Jewels and stuff!

You should pay some attention to the glyphs on the walls. Actually, you should pay some attention to the walls themselves.

walls closing in

Why? Walls? Nonsense. Loot! Oh, wait. What’s that noise? That scraping? Hang on! I’m getting taller.


The walls are …?

Closing in on you, yes. Told you to pay attention.

Right. Moving on.

You enter a long corridor, a tube-shaped downward slope. The noise you hear is not only coming from the moving walls.

in the corridorYeah, whatever. Oh, what is that? It’s pretty hot. I mean that literally.

That is a lava field. A few slabs stick out of the molten lava.

No shit, human.

You could get across it, if you remembered the correct glyphs from the room with the carved pictures. Only those slabs are safe.

wobbly tiles

Are you kidding me? Remembering anything? Me? I hardly remember the number of my own offspring! And why would I step onto any of those wobbly stones? I mean, okay, there seems to be some treasure lying on the slabs, but seriously. See how wobbly they are? There is no reason other than that to step onto them. Right?

You sure about that? I told you about that other noise, didn’t I? Look behind you.

Where? What?

irritated orc


boulder coming


orc running

I’ll make a run for it. Never mind the trea–, hang on, what is that glitzy stuff?

There is a lot of treasure in the alcoves along the corridor. Might I add that it is not okay to plunder an ancient temple?


Bla bla, I’m an orc, bla bla, natural habit, bla bla. I get some of the stuff before the boulder gets me.

No problem, you can grab some statuettes and jewelry. But it will slow you down. Just sayin’.

Yeah, yeah.

Boulder is coming.

escaping the boulder

Alright, alright. I’m on my way. That stuff is pretty heavy, I have to admit.
There is something shiny in the water. Might I hop in and pick it up?

You might. But the current is pretty strong. Swimming is not your strong point.

wobbly bridge

Hm, you’re right.
Oh, look. There is a bridge. I’ll take a short cut across the waterfall. My, that looks pretty deep.

Just make sure, the wooden planks can hold your weight. They look rather rotten, don’t you – oops!

I’m too heavy. Don’t say, you told me so.

Not a word.

boulder closing in

Make sure you keep it that way.

Now what? Oha. The boulder is getting pretty close now. I just keep going on this path. It will lead to an exit, right?


Ey! Speak to me.

It will lead to an exit.

Of course it does.

carving of Chac Oh, wait, what’s that? You may speak.

That is a carving depicting Chac himself. It’s probably priceless.

Surely there is still time for that, right? I mean, I could just …, damn, it’s stuck. I …

Boulder coming.

boulder getting even closer

Right, no Chac then. Though it would have been nice to have in the tent at home.

The path is rather slippery here.

You might be faster, if you dumped your loot into the water.

You’re kidding, right?

Do not stop to look behind you, is all I’m saying.






Jump, Thrakbog! Jump! Or it will smash you!


Now, that was fun, wasn’t it?

I had to leave all my loot behind!

But it was exciting.

Well, yeah, hm, nah, alright. It was. I think I sprained my ankle.

Home now?

Yes. And a cookie please.

You said please, Thrakbog.

Don’t tell anyone.



Thrakbog was playing:

The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac (German edition)
Published by: Pegasus Spiele

Later editions published by Fantasy Flight Games

all editions are out of print

The dungeon underneath our house, part III

There I was, a dead orc. Overcome by a vast number of enemies.

Until by some magical occurence I was up and running again. Never question a magic occurence, whether it is called a healing surge or the spellplague or I know not what.


A little worse for wear, but hopping about like nobody’s business. That’s me. But of course there was still the little matter of the vast number of enemies that surrounded me. Guess what happened next? Continue reading The dungeon underneath our house, part III

The dungeon underneath our house, part II

Here we are again.

Remember? I got bored with my human and started digging beneath the house we live in. Found an entrance to a dungeon. Naturally, I couldn’t resist and immediately began to explore.

Not too far into the tunnel I came upon some obstacles. And then some more.

wp-1516978835427..jpgI was surrounded by creatures of the underdark. Normally, that wouldn’t bother me much, what with being an orc and all that. But in this case I had no idea whether the monsters underneath our house were of the same variety as the ones I used to fight back home. Continue reading The dungeon underneath our house, part II

The dungeon underneath our house, part I

Gather round, folks, I gotta tell you a story of how I discovered an adventurous dungeon underneath the house in which I currently live with my human. Speaking of said human, I suspect she wanted to keep all the fun to herself, which is why she never told me about this dungeon. Ha! Gotcha.

So, on this fine and not very sunny day I went down into the basement in order to explore. Doing this without my fellow orcs is a new experience but I take what I get.

Dungeon 1
And here I am.

I just arrived at the bottom of a ladder that someone had left there for my own convenience. Thanks, lad. Continue reading The dungeon underneath our house, part I

Orc on a Quest

O tempora o miracula!

My human finally seems to see how badly she treated me lately, i.e. complemonsterstely ignored me. This weekend she has some spare time, as it is a special one for many humans, they’re all celebrating the fact that their spiritual leader was put on a stick 2,000 years ago. I have met with one of those spiritual guys a few years ago, it was strange to say the least.

Anyway, we’re spending time together. I was desperate for a proper adventure and for once she indulged me. This is how it went:

Part I

Part II

Part III