Thrakbog as a writerI have talked about it before: I firmly believe that humans should know more about my people. In order to help you along with the basic knowledge I took the role of a teacher and wrote a short learned paper.  (Well, I dictated it. My claws wreak havoc to any keyboard). In the next couple of weeks you’ll find it under this new category of my alias Thracitus. It will be divided into several parts (probably four parts, not sure yet), so you will be able to cope with the amount of information. Won’t do to have you overwhelmed with too much knowledge, right? I know what it does to orcs, so I assume it is similar with humans. Head spins like a carousel with too much of information. Therefore I shall provide it in small doses.
Any questions, ask. But beware of the answers you’ll get.

So, here we go:

About Orcs – part I
About Orcs – part II
About Orcs – part III
About Orcs – part IV

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