Fly Solo

+Han Solo lost on battlefield+

++ Wookiee Chewbacca not amused++

Fly Solo IIFor once we thought this is an easy job”, Gideon Argus admits, “but we completely underestimated the sheer number of enemies.”
The seasoned warrior of the Rebel Alliance looks rather embarrassed to have been defeated too quickly.
“We had reliable information about Han Solo’s last known location”, Fenn Signis adds to the report, “it should have been simple to get him out. True, there were a lot of Imperial Idiots but we found it rather easy to rush through their lines. Too easy, as we now know.”

“To be outnumbered is something we are quite used to”, translatesFenn outnumbered the protocol droid what Wookiee Gaarkhan has to say about the failed mission. “But it was not only the number of enemies that got us this time. They had an IG-88.”
The three rebels sigh in unison to emphasize the terror they had to face in that remote place, without backup.
“Gideon and the Wookiee tried to destroy the assassin droid, while I faced the majority of the troopers and needed to get Solo out.” Fenn Signis is visibly shaken by the outcome of the mission.

wpid-20151028_194115.jpg“We must not abandon hope that Chewbacca will find him and get him out, dead or alive”, Gaarkhan says. “I was the one to break the news to Chewie, and my ears are still ringing from the terrible whining noises he made. He will get him, no matter what.” The Wookiee stares at his Vibro-Ax as if to find his comfort in the trusted weapon.

Hope is what keeps the Rebellion together, as always.

Imperial Assault (Star Wars™), ©Fantasy Flight Games
Mission: „Fly Solo“

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