Means of Production

+Finally a step forward for the Rebel Alliance+

++Fenn Signis, Gideon Argus and Gaarkahn report back to our woman in the field, Jyn Odan++

“It was a close call”, says Fenn Signis, “I honestly believed they had us troopers everywhereright away when we landed near that bloody outpost.”

“I thought it all started innocently enough”, Gideon Argus claims. “But those  stormtroopers and that single Probe Droid were only the beginning, of course.”

Being sent to the outpost to check out a test factory of the Galactic Empire was their mission and they returned victorious, even if right now they look the worse for wear. Three previous missions had failed to achieve what these three experienced rebels finally managed to do: destroy the data-core of the test factory.

“It turned out that the real problem was to get into that hangar in the first place”, Signis explains. “The stormtroopers were giving us a hard get in line pleasetime. Still, our Wookiee seemed to find some beauty in the mission. I think it appealed to his strange sense of order to get them all in a line.”

“Ruuaaargghhh”, Gaarkahn admits, grinning from ear to hairy ear. Normally the one being in the thick of it, this time he seems to have emerged fairly unscathed. Rushing through the hangar, almost arrogantly ignoring the numerous enemies seemed to do the trick.

“It got a bit crowded in the end”, Argus admits, “but our comit is getting a bit crowdedbined efforts turned out to be superior this time.”
“Also, there was no other way than pushing forward. Would not do to make the same mistake twice, now, would it?”, Signis growls, clearly not overly fond of the memories of their last mission when they took a severe beating and almost died in the field.

“When the defence protocols of the data-core shut down, I swear, I felt a moment of peace”, the Wookiee says (or so the author believes), “I could probably get used to it.”

The satisfied grin on Fenn’s and Argus’ faces speak quite a different language. The three of them will be up and running as soon as the injuries have healed. The Alliance might have won a battle but the Empire surely would find a way to get its revenge.

Imperial Assault (Star Wars™), ©Fantasy Flight Games
Mission: „Means of Production“

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