OrcQuest, part II

(In case you missed part I, here you go.)

Yskeleton fightou did a good job on those skeletons, but actually you got hurt as well.

I am the one still standing, or not? A war wound maketh the orc. I had a lot of fun slaying those skeletons. But I don’t like fighting in confined spaces. One constantly bumps into things. This must be that bloody shrinking spell. Anyway, the bone piles are history. What next?

You move through the next door into an adjacent room. A single zombie is brave enough to face you. Other than that, there is only one more door, nothing else.

I yell at the zombie. Does it look terrified?

Don’t they always?

Good point. I ignore it and leave through the other door.

You get to another corridor. To the right it seems to end in a heep of rubble, to the left it turns around a corner.

I turn left. Hang on a sec! Last time I hurried through a corridor I fell into a pit. I’m gonna look for traps now.

Oh, you are one clever orc.

Don’t ever tell my fellow orcs. So, any traps?

Indeed, there is a speer trap that you manage to avoid. You follow the corridor until it leads to another door.

I kick it in and enter.

Several goblins are having dinner at a wooden table.

hunting goblins

I jump on the table to scare them off, then I’m having their dinner.

They are running as if the devil was behind them.

Which devil?

What do you mean, which devil?

Where I come from, we have more than one. And they’re all pretty nasty.

Pick any of your choice. Which ever it is, the goblins are running. Dinner tastes like shit, though.

That’s frustrating. Anyone I can take my anger out on?

There’s another goblin in the next room, guarding a treasure chest.

treasure chestThat’s more like it! Fight! What’s in the chest?

I dread to say it.

Why? What is it?


You must be kidding me.


Wasn’t it the point of this adventure that I should have some fun?

You did enjoy slaughtering all the minions so far, didn’t you?

Well, yeah. But still… I want treasure. What sort of books, anyway? I read one. Being an orc, that makes me an expert.

You read half of it. And then you ate it.

It wasn’t even tasty. Should have put some ketchup and mustard on it.

Are we back to your eating habits now, or do you wish to continue with the adventure?

Actually, I’m hungry. That goblin food was just like an aperitif. Maybe I should eat the books.

They might sit heavily on your stomach. The contain magic.

Iiiieks! Go away! I will sit here and do some proper thinking what to do next.


to be continued…

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