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Cards, not a game I can recommend at all costs

My human and I like to play games. So it was only natural, that we would do it together. Of course we very quickly realized that we do not like the same kind of games, but when she came up with something called strip poker, I was all game. Guess what? Of course. We both hadn’t thought it through.
She was rather good at it I have to say, so it was first me to drop my pants, so to say (I rarely ever wear any, so I dropped my loin cloth). That did not go down very well with she-human (I know this sounds wrong on so many levels, and it truly is). But then I got the gist of the game (and how to cheat) and finally won a few. I really shouldn’t have. Humans have no beauty, no leathery skin, not even hair where it is appropriate. Basically what I faced was a giant naked mole rat. Some things can never be made unseen. Will not be the same after this. Ever.