The dungeon underneath our house, part III

There I was, a dead orc. Overcome by a vast number of enemies.

Until by some magical occurence I was up and running again. Never question a magic occurence, whether it is called a healing surge or the spellplague or I know not what.


A little worse for wear, but hopping about like nobody’s business. That’s me. But of course there was still the little matter of the vast number of enemies that surrounded me. Guess what happened next?



I hopped back into the secret tunnel again, confident that at the other end nothing so dangerous would await me. You may call it naive, I call it optimistic.


And rightly so. A single annoying, backstabbing goblin. I dealt with it quickly and turned around in order to get away from my old friends: the drake, the spirit and the drow, who were all coming to get me.


In order to get away I had to cross the bridge over the underground river. On the other side a swarm of poisonous spiders was awaiting me. Urgh. I like them roasted with a nice mushroom relish, but not this very lively variety.


Still, the gruesome alternative was closing in behind me. Much too close for my own liking. So I did what a clever orc always does (when no one else is watching).

He runs like hell.


See, how fast I am? Past the confused swarm of spiders, as if my wives were after me. Very good exercise, actually, being hunted by one’s own wives.


So I made my escape. All’s well that ends well.

That was a nice little adventure, much better than reading a book. I have to admit though, that I am not used to it anymore, all this running and hopping and fighting. Need to get back down into the dungeon more often. Now that I know it is there, I shall go at least once a week. Twice. Alright, three’s the charme.

But for now I am back with my human and she lets me have a well deserved dive into the sweets box.


No, I am not getting fat.



Thrakbog was playing:
The Legend of Drizzt, ©Wizards of the Coast

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