The dungeon underneath our house, part II

Here we are again.

Remember? I got bored with my human and started digging beneath the house we live in. Found an entrance to a dungeon. Naturally, I couldn’t resist and immediately began to explore.

Not too far into the tunnel I came upon some obstacles. And then some more.

wp-1516978835427..jpgI was surrounded by creatures of the underdark. Normally, that wouldn’t bother me much, what with being an orc and all that. But in this case I had no idea whether the monsters underneath our house were of the same variety as the ones I used to fight back home.

Here you see me in far too close proximity with a hunting drake. The bugger really wanted to bite me in the bum, while I still had to deal with an annoying goblin (they are annoying in any possible world) and a hypnotic spirit.

wp-1516978911163..jpgBut there’s a reason why I got to this wise age: I am clever (must not let my fellow orcs ever know that). Yes, I am. Left the buggers where they were and hopped into the secret tunnel. You do remember that there was a secret tunnel, right? Please, pay more attention. If I can remember it, so must you.

The thing with secret tunnels is though, that you never know what awaits you, when you crawl out on the other side. In this case I thought that whatever it is, might be less humiliating than being bitten in the bum by a hunting drake.

Turns out, I was right.


A single water elemental was waiting for me on the other side of the secret passage. Getting wet is not very pleasant but much better than being howled at by a mean spirit. What I didn’t take into consideration was the fact that the creatures know this dungeon much better than I do. So, of course they would set out to follow me.


What was I supposed to do? Normally I would turn to my daughter’s husband, Noden, our scorcerer, and he would throw some fireballs their way. Okay, sometimes he would throw them our way an it is always, ALWAYS, meant personally.

In this case no one came to throw fireballs, instead a fifth (yes, I can count my enemies that far) monster appeared, a drow duellist.


Nasty buggers, these drow duellists. They have the cunning ability to attack twice. Which he did. And then the others were upon me as well. Very soon I didn’ feel so good anymore and a bit of a lie-down.


Just for the record, I took a lot of damage. I held the line as long as I could. There’s no shame in admitting defeat. Well, actually there is nothing more shameful for a proper orc, but let’s pretend it isn’t, alright? No one needs to know.


So, there I was. Dead as a door nail. Hehe, I am a book orc, never forget that. I can quote like the dickens.

Anyway. This is not the end. At least I hope, it’s not. Before I drew my final breath someone mentioned the magic words “healing surge”.

Well, we’ll see.


Thrakbog is playing
The Legend of Drizzt, ©Wizards of the Coast


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