The orcish side of blogging

Orc on a bottle

My human suggested that I should blog in a more conventional way but also revealing more of my orcish side. I do not need to tell you that she-human is full of those contradictions. And yet, I listened (partially) and did some research on what a proper blog should contain. Now I only need to fill it with the orcish spirit and that’s it then.

My research provided me with the following topics with which I might regale you over the course of the next couple of months. Perhaps you favor some over the others to read about? Let me know. So, here we go:

  • Share your most embarrassing parenting moment (You probably know that I have an enormous number of offspring, naturally some moments of parenting have been more successful than the others)
  • a beginner’s guide to… Naturally: how to orc.
  • Share some little known facts about yourself
  • Give your opinion on something, even if it is controversial (according to my human everything I say is controversial)
  • Share the things that scare you (of course, being a powerful orc you would assume nothing could scare me, but since I started living with a human being that changed a bit)
  • Make a fashion wish list (Oh, don’t get me even started on orcish fashion!)
  • What’s in your bag? (I currently don’t have or need one but when I first arrived here I had my usual bundle of stuff with me I would be delighted to tell you about)
  • Share a family tradition (Oh, where to begin?)
  • Write a letter to your younger self (orcling me wouldn’t have been able to read it but I get the point of this whole thingy)
  • Introduce us to your pet (That would be my she-human with which I currently share a flat)
  • Show a ‘before and after’ (not sure you want to see the kitchen after I’ve provided the day’s meal, but…)


So, anything in it for you? Unless you have no favorites, I’m gonna pick and chose for myself. That’s the orcish style anyway. This whole concept of participation is very alienating.

Until then I remain faithfully your

Thrakbog, the Slaughterer


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