What an Enterprise!

Remember when I told you that my human used to take me along on some adventures she called board games? And then she started to neglect me. Yeah, it’s a sad business, being the only orc in this world.

So, what with me being very adventurous on my own (who needs humans, tbh), I hopped onto the shelves where she stores them and found me some interesting looking stuff.

Enterprise Board GameThis is the first one I’m gonna take a closer look at. The guy on the front has some impressive forehead, I quite like him.

Apparently this guy’s name is Kavok and he’s a Klingon Warrior. Never heard of them but what’s not to like about him, right?

Enterprise Crew

“What do you mean, he’s the enemy? Why? He’s super nice! I’m having none of your shit, Lieutenant.”
“But he wants to take over our ship. We must stop him.”
“Nah, I’m sure he’d be a marvelous Captain. Anyway, I’m with him, human in yellow shirt.”


Captain Kavok
I mean, look at him. Actually I find him rather attractive. Don’t you? His language reminds of home. And I’m getting a bit sentimental right now.


The rest of the crew did not see the attraction, though. So, instead of cooperating with me to make Kavok Captain of the space ship they tried to capture me. Little distasis fieldd they know about the stubbornness of orcs in general and mine in particular.

“What the hell is this?”
“It’s a stasis field. You cannot get out of it.”
“Just watch me.”


Well, what can I say. They did give up after that. Strangely enough, Warrior Kavok also left in a hurry.
Might it have something to do with my stories about my wives?

RaumschiffAnyway, now I am Captain of this space ship. I haven’t the faintest idea how to fly it, but I will figure it out eventually. It’s ALL MINE!!!


ALL MIEnterprise BoardNE!




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