Another holiday

So, she-human told me, this weekend humans celebrate another holiday. From what I saw so far most people are buying a lot of meat and charcoal, in order to have a proper feast. So, no argument there. But I did some research (yes, I do that kind of thing these days, it’s disgusting, really) and found out that there’s a lot more to this.

First of all, they celebrate the descent of a holy spirit upon the apostles. I have heard about them before. They were the first followers of the guy on the stick. It seems they were very brave but also not quite sure what was going on. And then this spirit descended upon them. Must have been quite a shock. What did it do to them? I don’t know.
But I have very vivid memories of the last time something descended upon me. It was a terrifying moment (and a very painful one), but there was no spirit involved, I can assure you. But this is a story for another time.
What I was trying to say is, that I am very confused about this whole holy spirit thingy. I mean, there they were, being devout followers, and then this spirit possesses them, and then? What happens next? No one knows. What’s the point of being a possessive spirit and then not do something incredible that everyone can see and no one will ever forget? I honestly don’t understand. Also, the spirit seems to act on its own. Where did come from? Is it a ghost? Is it an undead thing? Was it sent by some deity? Is it the restless spirit of stick-guy? I asked, but no one could tell me. I even considered going to one of those temples around here, but then I would have been exposed to more preaching. And that didn’t go down very well with me last time.
Nevertheless, humans are celebrating. So I conclude, that they do that because they were not possessed. Makes sense, don’t you think? The celebrations are a matter of regional proclivities, of which I liked best the morris dancing and the cheese rolling. While I do not know this morris guy, I still think dancing is always a good idea. Even if humans cannot do it properly (i.e. not wild enough).
Rolling some cheese seems an odd idea and therefore has to be some fun. Why else would you do somehting like that, if not for the fun? Sounds truly mad, doesn’t it? So, maybe those humans are possessed by this spirit after all…


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