Environmental Commitment

My human and I had a discussion about eco-friendly stuff.
Yes, we do that kind of thing these days.
I don’t understand most of it, though.
As I get it, lots of the stuff that humans produce will not be biodegraded, ever. No monsters live around here to feed on rusty old cars, no Iron Golem that might be pimped with old machine parts.
If you have a pet, you practically destroy the environment. Providing meat for the pet takes up too much farmland for the cows, obviously. I eat meat. I could feed on the pet, would that help?
Of course, she-human became rather angry after that. She always does. Speaking of logic, it’s not her most striking feature. Whenever it comes to puppies she gets all gooey-eyed and stops thinking rationally. If even I can tell, you see how apparent it really is. Logic isn’t my distinct feature either.
So, we all should contribute to protect this world, she said. Like saving clean water.
I did point out that I save a lot more water than anyone else because I do not use any water at all.
I do not flush the toilet, I never shower or bathe, I do not water any flowers, I have no pets (except my human, of course). So, the No. 1 eco-friendly guy, that’s me. Challenge me on that one!
And guess what? Of course the not-showering-thing did not go down very well with her. Neither did the not-flushing-the-toilet-theme. Humans. Never able to make up their minds.


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