Married or not married, that is apparently a question

Now, here’s a thing: I have been reading some stuff on the interweb and found something strange. It seems that quite a lot of he-humans of a certain type keep their marriages a secret from the public. I wondered about it and asked she-human who came up with a typical human – and therefore confusing – answer. Let me elaborate:
It seems there are some young males that might be called famous for some thing or other, being successful especially in the music or film business. Those men marry just like any other members of the species but they seem to hide that fact. That in itself isn’t what bothers me. There might actually be good reasons to do that, like getting more wives, avoiding evil stepmothers, or even more evil and jealous rivals, and so on.

But that is apparently not their reason to keep it a secret. It’s the female fans. She-human explained that those women – young or non-accepting about their real age – imagine themselves in a form of close proximity or even intimacy with those males. Even though ist seems highly unlikely that they ever gonna meet, they still fantasize about those he-humans. And while they’re doing that they seem to buy a lot of stuff. They spend an enormous amount of money on things this male of their fancy produces. I cannot say that they buy it to feel nearer to the male or that they want to be near him because they liked the stuff he made in the first place, which then made them fancy him even more. Maybe it’s a mixture of both.
What makes me wonder is that these women seem to have no problem fantasizing about being with said famous male no matter how much apart their lives are. But the moment that guy is married this fantasy dissolves into nothing. Is there some kind of human logic behind it that I do not understand? Probably. Perhaps humans should consider poligamy, that would solve this problem.

You see, this is all very confusing for someone like me. In my world, when you fancy someone you go and say it to her face, grab her by the arm (or something else) and drag her to your tent. Of course you have to face the consequences when she is stronger than you (a lot of she-orcs do have an enormous punch, trust me).
So, now I’m wondering if anyone ever fantasized about me. I think my wives (See? I have several. No big deal) do have some fantasies but certainly not in a romantic way, more like all the ways to get rid of me, preferably accompanied with some amount of pain, or something like that.
Dreaming about me is alright, if you happen to be in a state of fancy towards me right now. BUT I must insist that those dreams have to be nightmarish to some extend. I have a reputation, you know.


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