Am I an ad(d)-orc?

I had a lengthy discussion (no yelling, I am SO learning to behave, it’s disgusting, really) with she-human about this new facebook thingy. You know, collecting all kinds of information about you, now even more than ever. She said that the organization wants more data about their users in order to individualize their advertising. I didn’t understand even half of it. What I DO know though, is that you never give your enemy more info than absolutely neccessary. Or simply wrong information, which makes it a lot more fun.
So, if I were to register at facebook, would they send me orc-related ads? What could that possibly be?
A “pillaging-do-it-yourself”-starter-set?
“Axe-polish, for the daily beheading”?
“Monster shop, everything for your pet”?
Actually, I think I’ll get myself an account and see what they’ll come up with. How will facebook deal with orcs?


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