read-along part 3

I managed four more chapters of Ms. Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. I honestly cannot believe that I”m still doing it. Reading, I mean. Somewhere some evil deity really hates me. Must be some righteous Paladin god.

Chapter 4
Basically useless drivel. Yes, Ms. Austen, we all get it: rich and spoiled, that’s what prick Darcy is. Also: girl Jane and rich (and not spoiled) Bingley will shag each other senseless the moment they’re alone together. Not entirely useless then, this chapter.

Chapter 5
More drivel.
More names I will not remember.
And how convincing is it anyway? To be up early in the morning after a feast is neither believable nor acceptable. Would never happen if this were an orc story.

Chapter 6
More social gatherings, still no wild dancing, no drunken misbehaviour. Charlotte Lucas is a very sensible woman: happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance (and ear plugs).
I found myself cheering dear Lizzy. I highly doubt that her course of action will ever procure her a husband which is rather selfish of her. She should think of her poor parents once in a while. But the way she handled that prat Darcy: adorable.
Ah, I see. Darcy has a fling on the side with his friend’s sister. Lazy git. Not even willing to get his ass up to catch a wife. I think maybe he is frigid or something. A male human his age should think of nothing but shagging. Impotent prick. Lacking virility much?

Chapter 7
An army is in town. Finally we’re getting to the fighting action. I was already a bit worried that this book contains nothing but girls seeking husbands.
Hm, no action. I’m beginning to think that female intrigues are way beyond anything my brain can grasp. Faking an illness, faking to care for the sick sister, all very clever in order to get into the men’s house. I will have a word with my wives when I get home. Can’t be that so many things go on in my tent without me knowing about.
Right, this is exhausting. I need a break and will do something orcish. I shall skip the wild dancing though (much to the relief of my human) and go directly for the copious amounts of alcohol.
Oh, drunken bliss.


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