In the Abyss part 7

(contains sillyness)
He had become a frost orc, facing a snowstorm, howling winds, his feet crunching on the snow. He started building a snow orc. Awww, our little one. Isn’t he cute? Well… there goes the sillyness.
In the distance he could see hills, so naturally that’s where he would go. Because where there are hills, there are also caves. In one of them he found egg-shaped snowballs. There was also a corridor with carvings, showing wormlike creatures and mammoths. He moved further down into the cave, finding more ice-eggs. He opened one of them and found a tiny worm. Carefully (I sometimes question his parentage) he put it back into the shell and closed it as if nothing had happened.
Behind him something came down the corridor. Noden hid behind some rocks and waited. A great white frostworm appeared and slid past him. Noden hurried up the corridor and out of the cave. A high trilling noise made him stop dead and topple over into the snow. When the noise stopped his paralysis ended. He climbed on top of the cave’s entrance and hurled a lava ball onto the ice hanging precariously over the entrance. Just when the worm appeared the entrance caved in and buried the creature underneath a mass of snow. Well done, Noden. But of course, a giant frostworm is not so easily defeated. Noden (and this shows how clever he really is) stuffed his ears with his filthy dreadlocks. Completely immune to the trilling noise he could face the mighty worm more adequately. Back and forth it went: fireball vs. ice storm. In the end Noden proved once more what I have been telling you mantra-like: orcs are superiour.
The worm more or less exploded. Noden moved back into the cave and took a look inside the worm’s remains (don’t ask). Between the ice-eggs he spotted a softly glowing blue… bla bla.


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