In the Abyss part 3

Right, here we are again. Ready for the second part of the resocializing-Groisch-project? Let me remind you (and myself) where we stopped last time. My comrades and I had to come up with a solution of fate-deciding proportions. 8 doors, 8 comrades. Here’s what we came up with, sorted by size of door, smallest to biggest:
1. Noden’s imp > he had to face a warm and sulphurous place, oh, and also some hellhounds
2, Roxas the kobold > stepped on a beach with a raft ashore and he developed gills
3. Vorn, the dark elf with a dominant streak > entered a forest and became a treelike elf with spikes
4. Kiba, the seemingly more compliant dark elf > went to a shack of a lumberjack. He grew to the size of a giant and started kicking trees around.
5. Noden, my son-in-law and sorcerer > had to face the snowstorm, so he gulped down the two bottles, which made him rather frosty and drunk
6. Thrakbog, myself > I entered a space of heat and drank down some blue flames
7. Slaag, the stubborn and creative huge orc > he became part of his surroundings by becoming a shadow himself.
8. Groisch, my best friend, and the reason we were there in the first place > he started glowing greenish and had to stand up to the dragon (he protested, as you might have expected, but it was his resocializing project, so there you go)

A few things might make you wonder though (it did us):
– the lumberjack had no eyes, their sockets looked as if burned out
– the imp’s door dissappeared after he passed through. Would all our doors do that, so there was no turning back? Guess.
– We all saw our god’s holy symbol on the sail of the raft on the beach
– in a drawer underneath the bottles on the table we found white crystals, some of which Slaag enjoyed destroying. Nobody but Noden and Vorn thought of taking one with them.
Only Groisch knew what the mission behind his door was, all the others were clueless. Well, nothing new there…

See, the problem here is that I have to rely on the others’ memory and honesty (you see?) to give you a recount of what happened behind their respective doors. Would you trust a dark elf to tell his misfortunes the way they truly happened? Exactly. So, all the accounts are filtered twice: first through their view and now mine. They might cancel each other out though, hehe. And me having the final word. Which is fair enough as this is my blog.
There’s also the fact that the imp, Roxas and Kiba never really told us what happened to them behind those doors. Should that worry us? Well, they made it out alive, so yes, it should worry us. Because none of them answers to my god. How could we know what sort of deal they made to get through?
Anyway, here’s a kind of faithful narrative of what happened to us after we went through our doors, posted as sub-chapters right after this one. Stay tuned.


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